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Cavity prevention

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Keeping The Sugar Bugs Away

Cavities can form when your child’s teeth are exposed to sugary foods or carbohydrates. After your child eats, sugars and carbohydrates can accumulate on and around teeth, creating plaque on the enamel. Thus, this can lead to cavities in your little ones. Luckily, we specialize in Kids Cavity Prevention.

With regular cleanings and exams, our team at Kaleidoscope Kids Dentistry will do everything they can to prevent cavities. Our Pediatric Dentist Salt Lake is highly trained to deliver top-rated, state-of-the-art dental care to your children while instilling positive dental habits that they can take home with them. We will work to make your child love brushing and flossing their teeth, resulting in better checkups and fewer cavities.

cavity prevention kaleidoscope kids



Become a member of the No Cavity Club today and you can take home a whole bunch of cool prizes! When your child’s teeth are cavity-free, there’s an official certificate waiting for you. If that doesn’t make it worth brushing twice every day, we will sweeten the pot with a chance to win fun prizes! We are proud to specialize in Kids Cavity Prevention. 

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