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Restorative dentistry

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Cavity Care

If you suspect your child may have a cavity, don’t panic! You are not alone when it comes to pediatric dental problems. We are experts in Restorative Kids Dentistry, and we are here to help. Cavities in children can be treated quickly and without any pain whatsoever. 

Cavities happen all the time in children’s mouths but they’re usually easy to fix with no fuss at all – just schedule an appointment with our Pediatric Dentist Murray Utah today by phone or through the form below for more information about how we can help make sure that your kids teeth always stay healthy!

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When emergencies arise, we’re here to put you and your child at ease.

We Offer Several Types Of Sedation Options For Your Child.

Common pediatric dental emergencies include:

Tooth broken at or above the gum line, fractured tooth,
knocked-out tooth,
severe bitten lip or tongue, loose adult tooth, or persistent tooth pain.


Most frequent questions and answers

Fortunately, through simply filling the cavities, Pediatric Dentists may eliminate the possibility of more complications or damage. At Kaleidoscope Kids Dentistry, we use tooth-colored fillings for children, also known as composites, to fill cavities discreetly. This Kids Restorative Dentistry option is a great way to restore your little ones smile.

Dental crowns (caps) for primary or baby teeth are tooth-shaped coverings cemented to the tooth, restoring it back to its original shape and function. The procedure is often necessary in cases of heavily decayed teeth with large cavities that have been left untreated.

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