Kids Dental Emergencies Salt Lake

Kids Dental Emergencies Salt Lake

Kids Dental Emergencies Salt Lake

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Kids Dentist, Dr. Ari Hobfoll

FAQ About Dental Emergencies

Kids Dental Emergencies Salt Lake

When kids face dental emergencies in Salt Lake City UT, it can be a nerve-wracking experience for both them and their parents. It is important to know how to respond in these situations, as proper care can help to minimize the damage and reduce the risk of further complications down the road. Some common kids’ dental emergencies include oral trauma from falls or sports injuries, chipped or broken teeth. If your child suffers from any of these situations, it is important to seek help from a qualified dentist right away. They will be able to provide the necessary treatment and support that your child needs in order to get back on track and restore their overall oral health. 

Broken Or Chipped Teeth

It is important to act quickly and seek out qualified dental care at the first sign of a broken or chipped tooth. Specialized treatment will help repair any damage to the tooth while minimizing any potential pain or discomfort for your child. In addition to providing support and reassurance during this difficult time. Dr. Ari can also offer advice on preventative care such as proper brushing and flossing habits that can help kids protect their teeth in the future.

So if you are facing a kids’ dental emergency, don’t panic! With the right treatment and guidance from experts in kids’ oral health, you can help keep your child’s smile healthy and happy for years to come.

Sports Injury To The Mouth

A dental emergency can happen to anyone at any time, but kids are especially susceptible due to their active lifestyles. Playing sports is a great way for kids to stay healthy and have fun, but it also risks mouth injuries. A fall or a hard hit can easily damage teeth, and even a minor injury can lead to pain and bleeding. If your child does suffer a dental injury, it’s important to act quickly. Rinse the mouth with warm water and use a cold compress to reduce swelling. If there is bleeding, apply pressure with a clean cloth. Then, seek professional medical attention as soon as possible. By taking quick action, you can help ensure that your child receives the care they need to recover from their injury.

Oral Trauma

There are numerous factors that can cause oral trauma according to our friends over at Kissing Camel Family Dentistry the best dentist in Colorado Springs CO. With proper care and the guidance of a pediatric dentist, kids can recover quickly from oral trauma and continue to enjoy their favorite physical pursuits without fear of injury.

For Common Dental Emergencies, Call Kaleidoscope Kids Dentistry!

A lot happens with young children. A dental emergency is any situation that produces significant or relentless mouth pain. If your kid has had any dental emergencies listed above, please contact us immediately. We are the top pediatric dentist in Salt Lake City Utah, for a reason. We are always here to help you and your kid if they have had oral trauma

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When it comes to pediatric emergency dentistry we are the right team for you. Your child will be in the best hands. Contact us today to find out more about the services that we offer.

The Impact of Thumb Sucking

the impact of thumb sucking slc pediatric dentist

The Impact of Thumb Sucking

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Kids Dentist, Dr. Ari Hobfoll

The Impact of Thumb Sucking in Children

Hey SLC Parents! If you’re reading this, you’re probably a concerned parent who is worried about your child’s health and is concerned about their thumb sucking. Is thumb sucking harmful? Is there such a thing as thumb-sucking teeth? Our Pediatric Dentist in Murray UT is here to help you understand the intricacies of thumb sucking. Additionally, our kids dentist near me explains when it can become an issue and how to help your child best. Below, we share all you need to know about the impact of thumb sucking. 

What Is Normal When It Comes to Thumb Sucking?

Our Pediatric Dentist in Murray Utah explains that, depending on your child’s age and the strength of their habit, sucking on their thumb is entirely natural and harmless. Putting things and fingers in your child’s mouth is a natural way for them to explore, assimilate, and understand their surroundings as they grow. Furthermore, some youngsters utilize thumb sucking as comfort. Others may use plush animals or blankets.

According to the American Dental Association, children frequently quit this activity on their own between the ages of two and four. However, they may escalate or return to this activity when they are upset, anxious, or going to bed.

Why Watch Thumb Sucking Habits

While no ailment is caused only by thumb sucking, it is crucial to watch this habit. Our pediatric dentist near me explains that because it can lead to dental concerns in the future if the behavior is severe or continues for an extended period. Your child’s oral problems caused by chronic thumb sucking past a healthy age may include:

  • Bite misalignment.
  • Problems with the palate.
  • Speech issues.
  • Overbite and overjet.

When Should You Stop Sucking Your Thumb?

Because your kid’s medical history is unique, there is no set period when it is appropriate to persuade your child to discontinue this behavior gently. Aside from their age, the right time to intervene is determined partly by the severity of their thumb sucking. Additionally, you may examine how energetic the practice is.

Dr. Boals, CO Springs family dentist, explains that thumb sucking is usually not considered a problem for your child until they are around five. This is because thumb sucking might contribute to dental health issues such as a misaligned bite at this age. Still, it might be a good idea to wean your child off of this habit sooner rather than later so that the behavior is less deeply ingrained.

If you see changes in your child’s teeth or bite alignment, it’s essential to schedule a visit with a dentist for kids Salt Lake City. Fortunately, you can make powerful choices on your own to help your child grow out of this behavior or develop healthier alternatives.

How to Encourage Your Child to Stop Thumb Sucking

When it comes to guiding your child’s conduct, encouraging healthy behaviors rather than punishing undesirable habits may be the more beneficial and successful alternative. Dr. Hobfoll, the best pediatric dentist in SLC, explains that stress and humiliation may contribute to an increase in thumb-sucking activity, making punishment less appealing.

Reinforcing healthy behaviors, like utilizing a plush animal instead of thumb sucking, can help to strengthen them. This can be accomplished by either removing something undesirable (such as allowing them to stay up late on weekends) or adding something nice (like rewarding them with a healthy snack).

Thumb sucking, as anybody who has ever had a nasty habit knows, may become habitual, and your child may not even be aware that they are doing it. Discouraging them with reminders can assist in drawing their focus away from the habit before they indulge in it.

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When it comes to assisting your child, it’s critical to learn what works and what doesn’t to change their behavior. You’ve taken an excellent first step by reading this blog, and you now have a perfect opportunity to assist them with reinforcement and stress management. Schedule an appointment with our team today to learn more. 

Shark Teeth in Children

shark teeth in children

Shark Teeth in Children

kids dentist murray utah

Kids Dentist, Dr. Ari Hobfoll

What you need to know about your kids' shark teeth

We will have two sets of teeth in our lives. Our first set of teeth, our primary teeth (also known as “baby” teeth), begin to erupt as early as one year of age. However, a child’s permanent teeth will begin to emerge after just a few years. Their “adult” teeth can appear as early as your child’s fifth birthday and, if well cared for, will last them their whole life if taught at a young age.

However, it is possible for a permanent tooth to begin erupting while the primary tooth is already present. This is referred to as shark teeth. At Kaleidoscope Kids Dentistry, our team is trained to identify shark teeth before they fully grow in. We will keep an eye on shark teeth to see whether they need our help or if they can resolve themselves on their own.

“Shark teeth are perfectly normal and there is no need to be concerned. There re a few treatment options we will look at with you to find the best solution for your child”

Dr. Ari Hobfoll , Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

My Child Has Shark Teeth - Should I Be Concerned?

When your child’s primary teeth begin to fall out, they are understandably excited. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a tooth fairy visit? Of course, if your child does have shark teeth, they may begin to notice. They will be able to see that their permanent teeth are growing in behind their primary teeth.

Shark teeth are relatively rare, but when they do appear, they usually appear around your child’s sixth birthday. Shark teeth can also reappear a few years later as their molars begin to erupt. When a permanent tooth is able to develop in, the tooth root usually dissolves on its own. However, 20% of the time, this isn’t the case. This is when your child will develop their permanent tooth behind their baby tooth. This means that they will need shark teeth treatment.


Shark Teeth Treatment

Shark teeth, fortunately, are not toxic and do not cause concern. The tooth will also become loose as the permanent tooth emerges. Many kids will get to wiggle their teeth on their own. If they can wiggle it out, the dilemma can be fixed without the need for a Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist to interfere.

If your child is unable to remove the baby tooth on their own, we can recommend extraction. If your kid has one shark tooth, there is a fair risk that he or she will have a second tooth. We may recommend that we keep an eye on and track the growth of your child’s teeth and see if a second shark tooth appears. If it does, and your child is unable to remove one by wiggling them, we may suggest removing them both at the same time. This will make the treatment less stressful for your boy.

If your child will wiggle the tooth out on their own or we have to remove it, the permanent tooth can eventually shift into its correct alignment over time. This will take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

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If your child has shark teeth, it is understandable to be worried. Shark teeth, fortunately, are simple to treat and usually have a positive result. If you want to hear more about shark teeth and how we can treat your child, come see us today! Our SLC Pediatric Dental Office is conveniently located right off of the freeway in Murray, UT.